Sunday, August 22, 2010

Positive-ly sunday

Okay, so now it's like 97 days but whatever.

I have come to a realization that i've been letting negative thoughts regulate my behavioural (oh no, aussie spelling) patterns. Therefore, starting today, everytime I say something negative or have a negative thought i have to immediately turn it into one positive thing (which i have to say outloud to someone, if they are with me). The original plan was three positive things, but i got exhausted of that after like an hour. So one positive statement for every negativity.

Today we had 2 softball games and we won both of them. Thanks to Cara and Danielle i got a lot of reminders to be positive. I really enjoy spending my sundays with such amazing people, AND! it was SUNNY today, such a nice change from the...delightful (see i'm positive) rain we've been having lately.

Off to eat dinner now, and then i will get some homework done before volleyball at 8:30. Still have a few opportunities to be successful today. Cheesy but true. I'm working on it.

: P

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