Tuesday, October 5, 2010

random conglom of thoughts

So i guess it's that time again, where a semester is reaching its end and i have never hated school more. So close to being done, yet so much work is left to do. I got back from my trip to WA last friday night, it was an awesome 10 days of not worrying about anything and just having a great time. I met some fabulous people who are American exchange students studying in Perth as well as other world travellers from Scotland, Canada, and Germany.

Since I don't want to do my school work, i've been spending a lot of time thinking about the things i'd rather be doing. On the top of my list: Working at camp and spending time with the friends i haven't seen in forever. I'm unusually good and coming up with creative projects at inoportune moments, such as when i should be working on a paper. I'm excited to be graduating in June so I can start devoting time to putting my ideas into action.

There's only 7.5ish weeks left in this country. (I'm in Australia by the way, in case anyone else forgot, i do sometimes.) I'm nervous to go home but excited to get  back to school at Lawrence. I don't know what it's going to be like to adjust again to the LU academic culture, or to hear American accents again and drive on the left...i mean the right side of the road, and i'm so excited to see my friends.

I guess the job now is to finish everything off with a bang! Just like the end of every other semester, i've gotta push through my last assigments, study for my exams and be done with it. I want to try and go camping atleast 1 weekend and visit Adelaide and Kangaroo island. Not to mention spending time with all my friends here, because it's not long until i have to say goodbye.

52 days 19 hours