Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sitting at my desk studying for comparative animal physiology and feeling the warm spring air blow through my window. so nice : ) The warm air part...not the studying part....the neurohormones produced in the hypothalamus include, corticotrophin releasing hormone....

back to work now

supersweet seventeen....days!!!

(I had the greatest time EVER with my name twin Anna. Because we are the greatest girls EVER.
That's all that should be rememebered.)

--> I left my computer unattended and Anna wrote that. She would like you all to know that I have friends down under- and she's right. The friends i had made here are all unforgettable. They are my aussie family and my year wouldn't have been the same without them. It's exciting to have made so many connections. I'll have a little dot on the map for everyone i know and they'll range from Japan, to New Caledonia, to Canada etc. I also will get heaps! of visitors when all my new friends make their way across the sea to the United States.

As my flight home is fast approaching the oscillation between excitement and fear has increased as well. It's going to be so sad to leave all of this behind. I don't want it to feel like a dream but I know that there is no way to explain to anyone else what an incredible impact these 9 months have had on me and all the experiences that made the year amazing as well as challenging.

Since my last post a month ago I have finished classes, had a week off for SWAT vac (which is our study vacation) and as of today taken one exam. During swat vac i spent several days just having fun. I swore that i would not spend 3 weeks studying like i did last semester. One of the most fun things was making a spontaneous trip to buy kites on a windy day. I know that when i go home i'd rather remember spending those last precious weeks with friends rather than spending it cooped up in a room just for a couple of extra marks. Grades are important to me, but i honestly have difficulty seeing the value of this educational system sometimes. This life is so much more than a GPA and when I don't do well on a test but I know that i have really gained something from the class, i am more satisfied than when i can pull of an H1 (A+) but will forget it all by the next week. For example i really stuffed up my management exam today even though i knew the answer to every single question and could have gotten an H1(Stirling says that that's a bit pretentious but he can stuff it!)- circumstances suck sometimes, my mistake but still.

Anyway, my next exam is on friday and then i have 10 days off until Aboriginal Studies followed by 4 days of summer vacation and then home to winter. Maybe i'll update more as the days wind down...maybe.