Wednesday, August 25, 2010

its time!

Thought of the day- I find it amazing that we can experience time in so many different ways.

 Example-almost 6 weeks has passed since school started and i have no idea how the weeks go by so quickly. Hours pass effortlessly while i'm perusing facebook, twitter, one of my 3 emails, or getting stuck on YouTube (today it was GloZell, and i got Lena watching it too). An hour of class on the other hand- slower than (one of my favorite expressions) a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Time seems to expand depending on the amount of stuff you squeeze into it, even though every second is the same length (or so we're told) it's almost as if it has an elastic quality. Time is a commodity, if we could purchase it, it would fly off the shelves faster than the new i-phone. And even though we cannot buy time, we can donate it through volunteering, so it is almost as if we somehow embody it (that's a bit too complicated for now)

This week, i'm giving some of my time away by volunteering friday night and saturday at a championship swim meet. I know that i need to get out of my room and that I enjoy volunteering. It goes along with my life theory that if you work for free you can always find a job. I couldn't get a research position because i'm not a graduate (screw that), so now i'm working for free, and guess what, lots of opportunities without a diploma. I also think i'm going to get to have fun with that little nostalgic buzz of the swim meet atmosphere.

Moral of the story- Time is elusive. However, once it has passed (whether you did something with it or not) you can't get it back. So here's to using the next 94 days and 8 hours to it's fullest potential.

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