Sunday, September 19, 2010

Springing into break

After a lengthy decision making process about what i was going to do for spring break (Thailand-Fiji-America...) I finally settled on Western Australia. I'm heading off to Perth on tuesday to start off, where I'll spend three days in the city exploring/sightseeing/or whatever. On friday i'm heading off on a student tour up the western coast to Exmouth. Along the way sandboarding, hiking, feeding dolphins, and other shennanigans. Looking forward to warmer weather (25 degrees C/mid to high 70's F), relaxing, having fun, and meeting new people. Hopefully by the time i get back the cold weather in Melbourne will have ended.

10 weeks left!!! OH MY GOSH!

Life happenings:
-I went to see a theatrical performance of Mary Poppins last week- it was awesome!
-I'm really glad i played IH volleyball. In the inter-collegiate competition girls won the first two games and lost the third, boys lost-won-won-and then lost.
-Melbourne Uni Angels (*dance biscuits*) won the Grand Final softball game against the Red Devils
-I am strengthening friendships this semester and slowly recovering from the sense of abandonment left after Dajah, Becky and Tyler moved back to the US.
-Kat moved back to Hong Kong and now i have to watch True Blood on my own

Other things that are new:
-My knock-off converse
-My jeans
-A few songs in my itunes library
-My drivers license renewal sticker

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  1. i'll watch true blood with you :) even though the third season just ended.

    i'm going to google sandboarding now.

    also, i LOVE your background image! the jelly beans are so big and colorful. i am flooded with memories of childhood and halloweens past.