Sunday, September 5, 2010

Get dirty

I've been trying to find time to sit down and write another entry all week.

Summary of what's been up-

Last weekend we had a 3 hour 8 minute softball game that finally ended with us winning by one point in a triple tie breaker. the umpire wanted the game to be over as much as the rest of us, you should have seen the relief on her face when we scored the final run.

I can't even remember what my school week entailed but i can say with 98% certainty that i DID go to class and do all the other stuff that i was supposed to do. In between training for Footy, Softball AND Volleyball. The weather in Melbourne is slowly but surely getting warmer. Even though we have the windy and rainy days still, they are getting less and less cold (or so i tell myself).

On thursday we (some softball girls) went out for dumplings and (as usual) hilarity ensued. (Sorry if you don't get the jokes but i'm going to write them down anyway) Highlights of the night include Cara and her "wank bowl" (supposed to be "mank bowl") and the restarant BLASTING the happy birthday song every 30 minutes. We were going to go to Section 8 (the outdoor bar next door to the dumpling place) afterwards but we were tired so we got dessert instead and then Tina drove us all home : D I appreciate car rides so much more now that i have to walk/ride the tram everywhere.

In Comparative Animal Physiology we got to manipulate toad hearts which had been extracted from the bodies and were beating without any external innervation in an ion solution. SO COOL!

Friday night Tommo came with me to see the IH play "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" and Saturday I spent in the mud with the IH girls footy team, went on a failed quest for new shoes, and went out for Kat's farewell party in the evening.

Today (Sunday) we scored another win for the Melbourne Uni Angels (*dance  biscuits*) and we are going to the grand finals next weekend!

I'm sore, happy, and off to bed :)

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